Revised: August 4, 2022

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September 6, 2022 at the RecPlex

Diana Rudolph 

Wasaga Community Theatre 






We are pleased to report that we have a total of 120 members for the year 2021/2022 and invite all existing members to sponsor new applicants should you have friends or neighbours who are interested in joining our club. 


Application forms are available to download from our website. (Membership Resources Tab above)



As this year draws to it’s conclusion, we are all reminded that it is time to renew your membership for the upcoming 2022-2023 year.


Fees of $30.00 per person are due in September and accepted by:


  1.   E transfer to beachcombersprobus2020@gmail.com (preferred method)


   2.  Cheque payable to Beachcombers Probus.


We are looking forward to next year in anticipation of new events, trips, clubs and discoveries as we get back to normal after a very unusual “COVID” time.   Our total membership at year’s end is 120 (including our three new members.) but many of you have not returned yet to in person meetings.   Hopefully you will come back in September.  We miss you!  


Susan Mogelin and Malcolm Novar (membership@beachcombersprobus.com)


Hello Beachcombers:

Wanted to thank everyone who joined us for the Pig Roast yesterday.  It went very well to the point, I would consider it a huge success!  Thank You to all the members who stepped up to help out.  However I do have to personally thank Al Grondin, Doug McCullough and especially our Grill Master Colin Throop!!  Tell friends and family to check out our Beachcombersprobus Social tab or Beachcombers Facebook page for pictures!!. If you want to add your photos of the BBQ to the web page or Facebook page send 4 or 5 photos to newsletter@beachcombersprobus.com


For those of you unable to make it yesterday, the following is for you all to consider.  Please respond to me personally on any of the following which spark your interest and you would like to be included in!!


Scheduled Events


  • Mystery Dinner Tour;  Wednesday Aug 31st - This is a first for the club but one I think people will enjoy. (But you have to TRUST us) Kathy and I have made arrangements for us to go as a group to a local eatery.  It is about 45 mins away if you drove directly, which you will not be doing!! The restaurants menu includes, what we would consider familiar food items, but also includes some fish and pasta dishes!  The average entrée cost is between $25 to $35 per plate!  It will work this way.. Everyone will meet at local location at which time you will receive a detailed map of the tour.  This will take you to a rendezvous location where once again Kathy and I will meet you with the final leg of the tour to the restaurant. This requires a deposit of $20. per person so we can be assured of your attendance to this event (yes you will get your $20 back as you enter the eatery. I promise we will not keep it!!) I will need your response and deposit by August 24th (1 week prior) We have 28 with their deposits already!!


  • Barn Quilt Tour: Wednesday September 14th - Bill Aitken has completed the second half of the Simcoe County Barn Quilt Tour for us.  You will be able to sign up for this at the next General Meeting on Sept 6th.


  • LOF/Pilkington Glass Plant Tour: Date to be determined but will be later in Sept.  Sign up will be available at the Sept General Meeting


  • Meaford Community Theatre - Wingfield Farm - Lost and Found: Thursday October 20th - This is a one man show based on a Bay Street Stock Broker turned farmer who purchases a farm.  A farm which he wants to run the old fashioned way with horse drawn implements, very green environmentally speaking!! This is all based locally, out of Creemore and Glen Huron.  It is fabulous entertainment!!  I have reserved a block on 20 tickets so far as we have 16 signed up following yesterday event. The cost is $36. per person.  If this interests you let me know as the tickets sell out quickly.  Please confirm your attendance with payment as soon as possible so if needed I can try to get additional tickets!! Don't miss out!!



Now, new Special Interest Groups for the Beachcombers as introduced yesterday:


  • Theater Group - This would be members interested in live theatre on an ongoing basis - 4 signed up so far


  • Bridge Club - playing and enjoying fellowship while playing bridge - no one yet so be the first!!!


  • Appetizers at My House - an evening enjoying friends and meeting new people, with possibly wine and appetizers for sure!! - 22 signed up so far!!! That means likely more then one group!!


  • Euchre Parties - 4 hand, progressive euchre, bid euchre, you decide - 4 signed up


  • Couples Dinner Group - people get together and go out for dinner for fellowship and fun (not just couples. also for those who wish to come along, the more the merrier) - 22 signed up - no one eat at home anymore???


  • Hand Foot and Elbow - a card game which uses numerous decks of cards - (better known by myself as Hand Foot and Divorce!!) not to be played with your partner!!  It is a great card game!! - 6 signed up


  • Domino's/Mexican Train - a great game that can be played by as many as 8 at a time - and no it is not staking up dominos to knock them over!! - 8 signed up


  • ROMEO'S - "Retired Old Men Eating Out" - prior to Covid this was very popular.  This is group of men getting together to enjoy fellowship and jokes over breakfast!! 9 signed up


  • Ladies Luncheon Group - ladies get together for fellowship and gossip!! no one as yet-lets get this one going!!


  • Dinner and a Movie - a monthly outing of members who go first for dinner to an eatery and then to the movie theater to enjoy an new show!! prior to Covid was very popular - 24 signed up already 


  • Photography Club - I know you don't like your picture being taken, me either!! This is group who could share ideas and shots with the goal of improving your hobby and enjoying the company of like-minded people - on one yet, be the first!!


  • Bike Riding Group - a group for those looking to enjoy some of our beautiful local countryside while getting in some healthy exercise - 2 signed up


Always looking for additional suggestions for groups. Let me know.


One More very important item!!  


Probus is a social club not a fund raising club.  We all joined to meet new people and do new things, not to do fund raising or work at large money making events.  That being said we need some of you to come forward and help move this club forward. My wife, Kathy,  has held numerous positions over the years in both the Mixed Probus as well as the Ladies Probus. I watched her become involved and realized just how much fun she was having planning, organizing and simply suggesting outing and events for the clubs!  We are all retired, some more than others, but we look to be entertained. Enjoying this time of our life we worked so hard to get to, sometimes means stepping up and doing something we never considered before.  Join in and let your name stand for a position within this club!! I can assure you, it will be fun and rewarding!! 


September's meeting will be about filling some vacancies within the club.  Should you have any questions regarding getting more involved in Beachcombers Probus as well as what positions are opening. Contact president@beachcombersprobus.com   We have a great group so please ask any questions you wish!!


Help us get over this Post Covid period and move forward!! 




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