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Date: Fri, May 1, 2020 at 2:59 PM
Subject: Thank you to Front-Line Workers

Hi Beachcombers Members:
In talking to 1 of our Beachcombers Probus members Jayne Edwards . She had a great idea that I thought we might try a drive by appreciation
drive past some of our local Front Line workers Business locations.
In the Sun paper that our local flyers come in on this weeks edition on page 5 the Wasaga Beach Cruisers did on May 1st (today)
They were driving past Wal Wart,  Waterside, Foodland, Fire Station #1 then the OPP station then     Past Real Canadian Super store
past Canadian Tire then taking Beachwood road in to  Collingwood past Raglan Village before ending up at Collingwood General Hospital

The date I was planning this for is Thursday May 14th  1pm meet at Wasaga Beach Wal Mart and do the same driving trip that the Wasaga Cruiser's did.I have already got the permission from our President Colin Throop.
If you are up for this please get back to me ASAP as time is of the essence
At that time I will be asking Dennis Moise to send out a message to all our members to remind us about this adventure
As a group we have not been able to do anything since Mid March when COVID 19 hit the world
I felt at this time life has been on a social stand still and we as a Club are still not going to be able to meet as a group in a Building or  any other
event till probably early fall as all of our other events are closed down because of COVID 19 and we will be doing Social Distancing for some time
in the near future.

Please get back to me ASAP on this Idea.

These first line workers had been with us the whole time thru these tuff times and I feel that they deserve our heartfelt appreciation.

Kindest regards
Doug McCullough


On May 14, 2020 Beachcombers PROBUS thanked all our local Front-Line Workers and First Responders through a parade of cars passing by their work area.

Beachcombers Probus  Wasaga Beach